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The era we’re living today is made up of everything ‘smart’ – From smart eyewear (Google Glass) to smartphones. Technology and advancement made in the field, is making life move faster than before. Gone are the days, when mobile phones were simply used for making and receiving calls. Thanks to smartphones, we can also browse the internet, check emails, play games and even make a whole movie!

Every year… or shall we say every month, a new smartphone model arrives at the market, thereby making it rather difficult for consumers to choose the best from the rest. However, life becomes easier with this article. You will get to know the best smartphones of 2014 here.

The list begins with Samsung Galaxy Note 3 –

It is more of a phablet (phone + tablet) than a simple smartphone. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is made with a full and bright HD screen, powered with superfast 800-Snapdragon processor, with the capability of lasting for 11 hours as far as its battery life is concerned. The pen software of the phablet has undergone a lot of enhancement. Thus, multi-taskers can make the most of out of this particular smartphone. It runs 2 apps side-by-side and also drag content that from one window to another.

Next up is Motorola Moto X –

This is the first smartphone in the world that allows users to design their phones online by themselves only, via the use of a wide range of accent hues and back colors. Moto X is made with advanced voice controls, 10-MP camera, which can be turned on with a single flick only.

When we are talking about smartphones, we cannot forget the pioneers – the iPhone–

iPhone 5S from Apple is amongst the best smartphones of 2014, as it offers speed, clarity and durability – courtesy the 47Chip from Apple, and definitely the architecture of 64-BIT. All these features ensure dual performance level, doubled with graphic power to die for.

HTC One makes it to the list of 2014’s best smartphones for reasons more than one –

One look at the phone, you will say ‘WOW!’ It’s designed with a fabulous aluminum body, sharp and bright 4.7-inch and 1080p screen. It is powered with 1.7-GHz quadcore processor, which helps in using the phone in a rather smooth manner. The speakers are present in the front that produces rich and loud audio.

Google Nexus 5 is all about delivering the highest quality of performance to users –

It is made of 5 super cool specs and is available for a price of $349 only. It is made up of Snapdragon 800-processor that helps in running Android 4.4 KitKat version in a rather smooth manner. The display is of 1080p, making it super cool for enjoying different apps and playing some awesome games.

Finally, to make to the list of best smartphones of 2014 is Nokia Lumia 1020 –

It is packed with a 41-megapixel sensor camera and 6 Carl Zeiss lenses. So, if you are looking for a smartphone with a strong and effective camera, then Nokia 1020 is the one for you.

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