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Google Glass – The product that unveils what lies in the future. The vision, with which the product was conceived, is coming within the focal length for sure. Google – on Tuesday made the announcement of Google Glass add-ons and options – prescription glasses and frames. These features are amongst the most requested ones. Google is all set to create a beta version of the Google Glass prescription lenses and frames. It is entering into the fashion arena concerning eyewear.

The main feature and USP of the Google Glass lies in its camera, which is, located right above the right eye of the glass – coining the term – smartglasses. However, users are looking forward to varied options relevant to lenses and frames. Google made the announcement of Google Glass – Titanium Collection, along with 4 frames of extra-light titanium and 2 styles of twist-on variant shades.

Google Glass is going to be available with new frame styles having simply functionality that of prescription frames. They will be known as Thin, Split, Curve and Bold. Twist on shades are available currently in 3 variants – Classic, Active and Edge. Google is also set to introduce many more shades and style variants soon – giving more options to users and increasing their demand in the process!

Explorers or participants of beta program of Google Glass can get hold of the new styles of prescription frames of Google Glass for an upgrade option at $225. Qualified users who are in need of prescription lenses, as well as, those having VSP’s vision insurance can avail subsidized lenses and frames from Google.

Fortunate or unfortunate – whatever you deem of – the options do not come as one-size-fits-all. Users need to opt from a selection of 4 standardized frames – mentioned above and then proceed with the order placement for lenses. The titanium frames are available for $225 – which is a pricey deal – considering the fact that you can get sunglasses for less than $150!

Those who currently own Google Glasses can order their lenses and also attach their eyewear, without making any modification. The frames are designed to ensure it is light and thin. The design is meant to compensate the Google Glass’ weight. Google is all set to make Google Glass available to the consumers at the end of 2014 but for $1500 (Ouch!)

Making prescription lenses available for Google Glass is nothing but an effort to make the product a highly potential gadget in the market. Google has joined hands with VSP for training eye-care professionals to learn how to customize and fit frames and lenses with the Google Glass. Also the fact cannot die down – 110 millions in the US wear prescription glasses. Thus, the potential of Google Glass, with prescription frame style and shade options automatically predicts its future success!

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