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While iPhone is among the must have varieties of smart phones for the excellent user experience it affords, it leaves a lot wanting in its battery department. While most of its competition is wowing the user base with an extremely strong battery life in their smart phones, iPhones are yet to make it there. However, several intelligent systems tweaks later, the device batteries can seem to appear a lot better. Let us take a look at some of these unique improvisations that can help to pack in your batteries with that required ounce of power.

The iPhone has an ambient light sensor built-in to its design. This helps it to adjust the screen brightness in accordance to its surrounding light. In other words, it analyses the amount of light in the surrounding environment and adjusts the screen brightness according to that. Therefore, in darker environments the light sensor can brighten up your screen without eating up on your battery life. The feature can be made functional by switching on the auto-brightness option within the Settings app.

While we are on the topic of screen illumination, it should be mentioned that though brighter screens may look attractive you cannot really afford it. Therefore, lower the luminosity of the screen to save on your battery life. Screen brightness can be increased or decreased from within the Settings app.

iOS7 is equipped with a whole lot of frills and fancies. While it may look good but it also eats up a lot of battery life. One of these is the Background Motion effect. It introduces what is known as the parallax effect in iPhones that involve a slight movement of the screen icons when the handset is moved. This is another showstopper that needs to be abandoned if we wish to save on battery life.

While using your iPhone, the idea is to keep it as simple as possible. Though you may be lured by the various glitzy add-ons that have been built-into it, it is the battery after all that will keep you going. Therefore, to put duty before self, you need to refrain from all available enticements. Another one in the league is the strikingly attractive dynamic wallpapers which you need to disable. The animations eat up on a lot of battery power and therefore will have to be sacrificed.

The built-in GPS is one of the best parts of using an iPhone. However, given the amount of battery life it consumes, it is best advised to keep it disabled and switched on only when in use. The GPS feature is truly fabulous in identifying area information and locating required destinations. However, considering the battery power it utilizes, it would, therefore, be wise to be prudent in its usage.

The iPhone is built-in with 3G/4G as well as wi-Fi compatibility. However, where speed is a fascinating aspect of smart phones, in the context of iPhones defining of priorities assume a more important position. The call clarity and high speed Internet browsing capability afforded by 3G/4G phones requires more battery power than the iPhone can afford. Similarly, keeping the wiFi switched on when not in use may tend to affect the longevity of the battery adversely. Therefore, distressing though it may be, we need to keep both options disabled to enjoy more battery power.

Life with the iPhone is definitely one of compromise. However, when we agree to enjoy superior user experience we need to be prepared to sacrifice substantially in order to ensure that we prolong the longevity of that experience. Disabling the features mentioned above are just a few in a long list of adjustments we need to make towards facilitating a longer and healthier battery life and therefore our experience.

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