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First ‘hash tag’ and now ‘Trending Topics’?! Boy, Facebook is surely getting into Twitter style for good. It launched ‘Trending’ section, which you can locate on the homepage placed on its sidebar. This feature is open to users in the UK, US, Australia, Canada and India. The section has been redesigned. It shows many personalized lists of phrases and words that are trending currently, with short explanations for each. If you click on the topics, you will be redirected to public posts, pages or friends who have mentioned the topic and follow the same.


The Trending Topics feature of Facebook is rather useful in many ways. Through it, public sharing gets a boost, as well as, drive return visits and Facebook becomes the pioneers of news source and current events. Though the feature is quite similar to the Twitter’s style but the Facebook version is a bit different from its counterpart.

The ‘Trending Topics’ feature of Facebook will not just show popular topics to its users but also ensure that it shows ones that are relevant to the likes, interests and preferences of the users – more based on relevancy. The feature that Facebook has also provides users with a brief summary or headline explanation about the current trending topic. This particular aspect is not available with Twitter. Hence, the Facebook feature is different but at the same time, quite constructive in nature.

The feature, as opposed to its counterpart’s style, comes with both summary and headline of the trending topic. So, users will not only know what is trending but also the reason behind its current prominence in the news and social circle.

So, will Trending Topics become a popular Facebook feature, like all the others? Well, time will only tell. But it is important to know that the feature was introduced by Facebook as a strategic plan. A plan through which, Facebook will ensure that its users are kept engaged in its network and the feature slowly becomes a popular and on demand source of news in the process!

Will this Facebook feature be of any help to businesses? Small business marketers can find the feature to be quite useful in sense, they can incorporate their content marketing strategies via it. Another benefit of the feature is that a user – if happens to post something related to a trending topic, his/her followers will come to know about the feed from trending topics and click on the headline in the process. As a result, the user will have more likes, shares and comments.

Thus, the Trending Topics feature of Facebook is effective, beneficial and comes with a pretty healthy motive of its own!

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