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As soon as 2014 rolled around technology radars began craning their robotic necks to track the latest from the Apple nursery – the iPhone 6. Here is taking a look at what people may expect to get from the latest entrant in the sea of smart devices.

To begin with, the launch date is still a matter of speculation. Following the Apple tradition of launching iPhones in the month of September, people have been waiting eagerly for the later part of the year. However, there have been rumors lately that there may be an earlier release of a smaller version followed by a final release later. Anyhow, people hope that the launch of the final product makes it worth the wait.

The iPhone 6 is expected to house the A7 microchip that has been used extensively in iPad Air and iPad Mini. In addition to speed, the chip will now also be embellished with quad core graphics element to provide superior graphics output. However, the release date would define whether the chip would be used in its current capacity or would include the quad-core- graphics element.


Given the precedence set by HTC one, Sony Xperia Z and Samsung Galaxy 4, all of which harbor large and vibrant screens, the iPhone 6 cannot afford to compromise on screen size. Speculations are making rounds that suggest that screen size would be something around 4.8 -5 inches with a resolution of 2272×1280. This indicates that Apple would probably refrain from embellishing its screens with a Full HD resolution. The primary reason being that going by the Apple USP where user experience is given priority over anything else, screen resolution will be scaled following a logical reasoning and not just to match up to competition.

It is speculated that Apple might go an extra 1.6 mm thinner than the iPhone 5S making the new model appear a slim beauty at 6 mm. Given the apple tradition of renaming its models based on their width, it may not come as a surprise if the iPhone6 is renamed as the iPhone Air.

Indications are rife that the iPhone may be geared with Apple’s latest finger print technology and gesture control. The Touch identification eliminates the need of a Home button.

Apple has finally decided to shed its delicate darling image and go tough on its make. The new iPhone6 is expected to shield its fingerprint reading devices, and its camera lenses with the sturdy sapphire glass sourced from GT Advanced Technologies. The glass would also form its screen that would help prevent it from unwanted scratches and cracks. Sapphire being just next to diamond in the sturdiness and hardiness quotient is the best possible choice to enhance the strength and durability of the handset.

In addition to this, Apple is also looking at strengthening up its case by encasing it in layers of liquid metal that ensures its hardiness.

Apple through its iPad 4 mini storage capacity has indicated that it is capable of providing higher storage space than its existing 64 GB. The iPhone6, therefore, can be expected to host a 128 GB storage capacity, a big jump from its existing top models.

Like all its predecessors, the iPhone6 is sure to bring in a whole new bunch of innovations thus setting new standards for competition to emulate.

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