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As you churn out those extra dollars to download most Apps, there are ways in which you can get some return on that investment. A simple and convenient way is by simply downloading Apps that help you earn as you use them. Now you can truly say it ‘pays’ to use the App. Let us take a look at these paying Apps.

The Junowallet is an online gaming app, compatible with both the Android and the iOS platforms. It provides the facility to play games, watch videos online and complete a host of surveys. Its earnings are in the form of gift cards that can be availed based on the number of invites that you send out.  There are three levels of invites and gift cards are assigned accordingly. These gift cards can be redeemed against pizzas, coffee, movie tickets and other kinds of recreational activities.

The Rewardable is another earn-as-you-play app. The process requires you to perform tasks assigned by the App and earn as you go along performing them. These may be virtual as well as physical tasks like a visit to the supermarket and testing a new product. The payout for individual tasks ranges from $4 to $20. The app is compatible with Android and iOS platforms.

The Phewtick is a social networking app which helps you earn by simply meeting new people. The more people you meet uploading their QR codes as you do so, the more points you earn. Cash out these points and you are all set for a roll.

The ESPN Streak for the cash is the app meant for sporting fanatics. It enables sport lovers to name their predictions for every game. Every player needs to make predictions for 10 different types of sports. The intent of the game is to get the longest winning streak. The player who achieves the goal is rewarded with a hefty sum of $50,000. The prize money is conferred at the end of every month.

If you get a kick out of shopping, then the Shopkick is just the right app for you. It lets you earn kicks by purchasing or even for just looking around at specific products in online stores. You can also exchange the kicks you earn for gift cards and redeem products at the online store. The best part is you get to earn kicks even if you do not make any actual purchase.

The Gigwalk is another activity oriented app like the Rewardable. It offers a higher payout rate than the Rewardable app but comprises activities more difficult than the other app. The tasks involve you to visit physical stores mostly and submit reviews on your observations. With every successful activity, your credibility in the app increases enabling you to unlock higher paying jobs. However, in order to start off you need to apply for a specific job and it is essential that your application is approved.

The WeRewards is another app which enables you to earn points for check-ins to a business area designated by the app. Every check-in will credit 100 points to your account. Points can be accumulated and cashed out when required. 1000 points translates to 1 cent. The WeRewards is an iPhone app and is also known to be a standalone site.

Apps that help you play and earn, definitely sound too good to be true. However it is always advisable to stay clear of the “make the fast buck” type apps. Ensuring the credibility of the app is always the ideal way to handle the fraudulent varieties

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