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Apple has been awarded with a MacBook patent that will be solar cell powered or photovoltaic. In the layman’s lingo – you can power and charge your MacBook through solar power!

Macbook will make use of Photovoltaic unit for energy generation. This patent application was filed 4 years back and is inclusive of complete description of its functionality. The patent is called Electronic Device Display Module. It is a 2-sided display present on the laptop and within its lid is the presence of a traditional display. The rear of the module is a plate that is made up of smart-glass also called electro-chromic glass or switchable glass. The smart glass (not the Google one) is designed to receive control signals that from the control circuitry. The signals are usable for the placement of electro-chromic glass in a translucent or transparent state.

If this technology becomes available in the marketing, the future of solar power will soar higher than it is now. Calif – from Cupertino is the company that filed the patent for this 2-sided laptop display, fitted with photovoltaic cells for enabling solar power charging. The photovoltaic cells are embedded that on top of the laptop and made capable for acquiring energy and generating it from external sources of light. The laptop lid is also designed with touch sensors that for input commands. Through sensors, users can get a better control of their media playback and other functions. This patent can prove to be a good thing for the overall battery life of iPhones.

The benefits of charging devices through solar power are many. First and more, the concept is eco-friendly. It is also easy to use, clean and quiet too. As mentioned above, it will help in the maximization of battery life of different devices. This is possible because of the fact that direct current or energy is generated via solar power charging, which is ideal for charging batteries and devices. There will be electrical independence, low level of maintenance, reliable and safe to make use of solar cells for charging your electrical devices and gadgets. Thus, this patent from Apple will prove to be beneficial in different aspects.

The patent was initially published as a form of a rumor that solar power can charge iPhones. Analysts soon began to determine the ‘innovative power’ of Apple giant and how it will outdo the next generation apple products with the sapphire glass display, inclusive of tiny solar panels. The concept will help in improving the battery life of iPhones. Finally, Apple does have the patent of solar powered iPhones and it was made public in February of 2013.

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